JHSS UAV English Română



     Articles are first revised in order to verify their thematic and stylistic (see the Guide for Authors section) compliance to JHSS standards; subsequently accepted articles are verified with the aid of a plagiarism detection software.

     Texts are then submitted for review (anonymously); if required, additional opinions are requested from both foreign or domestic specialists; each article is assessed independently by two reviewers chosen according to their expertise in the article`s area/topic.

     Reviewers then submit their decision by way of the Reviewer Manuscript Evaluation Form, including all recommendations and observations (if applicable); the review process can take up to 2 months.

     The final decision regarding a manuscript’s publication is taken by the editorial team which, if the case, can set a time limit for completing all revisions required for publishing; depending on the time frame, the manuscript can be deferred to the next JHSS issue.

     The editorial board guarantees both the author`s and reviewer`s anonymity.